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How we can help you with the wine export process?

If you are interested in the process of exporting Spanish wine, you can be sure that with Banisio export department your product will reach its destination. Our years of experience allow us to carry out our work quickly and efficiently, taking into account all customer requirements.

Today the Banisio export department is ready to deliver Spanish wine anywhere in the world.

Wines from Rioja, Rueda and Ribero del Duero have been in demand for decades. Despite the diversity of wines produced in these Spanish regions, our wines have excellent value for money and are truly authentic wines that perfectly capture the character of the land where the grapes were grown.

Our team is meticulous about the quality of the terroir and carefully selects the vineyards for the production of our wines. If you sell this type of wine in your region or want to start doing so, you are definitely in the right place.

What are the delivery times when exporting Spanish wine?

Contact us today by phone number listed on the website or leave a request for a call-back, and we will definitely speed up the process to ensure that your product not only reached its buyer, but also brought you a noticeable profit at the end of the sale.

We can send containers of wine products from any region of Spain and first of all, we will offer you proven transport routes.  Basically, we carry out transportation by rail, road and sea.

If necessary we can arrange air transport from Spanish airports without any problems. Transportation by sea takes about one week, depending on the point of departure, rail and road – one week as well. For transportation, we offer containers of the required type.

Single expert contact
We understand that the process of exporting Spanish wine can be quite a challenge because you may encounter language barriers, time zone differences and other cultural nuances that can certainly slow down the entire related process.

We understand that time is now an important asset for our clients, and once you contact us, you will be assigned a dedicated manager with full expertise in the wine selection process and delivery arrangements.

Single expert contact

Customized pallets
We understand that sometimes the market is driven by logistics standards and so you need your own pallet. We are ready to work out this issue and we can deliver your pallets in European or American format.

Customized pallets

Training your team
We understand that you and your team may not be familiar with our wines. We will be ready to offer training materials for your team, which will tell you about all the nuances of wine production in Rioja, Rueda and Ribero del Duero regions, rules of storage and serving.

Training your team

Competitive prices
We know everything about Spanish wine, which is why we are confident in the extraordinary quality of our wines and carefully selected terroir portfolio. We manage to improve the quality of the wine we produce, while keeping and offering our partners around the world competitive prices.

Competitive prices

How is the basic process
of exporting Spanish wine arranged?

You send us an initial inquiry and we give you a detailed consultation on our wines and the possibilities of exporting to your country.
You send us a final request. We process it, calculate the cost of exporting the wine to your country and send you a commercial offer.
If you are satisfied with the price, we conclude a contract of sale with you, in accordance with the rules of Spanish law.
After agreeing on the form of the relationship and payment terms, we immediately organize the delivery process to your country. Our employees prepare the conditions for shipment of the goods, prepare the package of documents required for export and deliver it to you by courier.
The delivery is complete and your company representative picks up the products and documents in your country. If the necessary training is required, we also provide it for your team. The deal is complete!

We are a reliable partner in supplying Spanish wine to your country 

We offer the best wines from the Rioja, Rueda and Ribero del Duero regions according to your needs. We focus on the process of exporting Spanish wine and we will always be able to offer you the most effective delivery option. Trust us and you won’t regret it – that’s what we guarantee. The quality of our services, the courtesy and professionalism of our staff will pleasantly surprise you, so you will hardly want to stop our cooperation after the successful completion of the first transaction. 

If you are interested in exporting Spanish wine, for a free consultation, as well as to calculate the monetary value of shipping wine abroad, call us at + (34) 933 63 18 38, or write to the e-mail address: comercial@banisio.com. We will promptly answer all your questions and together we will choose the best option for your business.