Our DOCa Rioja Vineyards

Different soil types such as stony, clay soils and very different altitudes, as well as many hours of sunshine with little rainfall, define our DOCa Rioja vineyards with great potential for growing quality grapes characterized mainly by intense color and medium alcohol content.

Harvesting takes more than a month and is supervised by a team of agronomists who, from pruning to harvest, consult and monitor the vineyards, combining long experience with the latest technologies.

The vineyards we work with have varietal diversity in La Rioja, with Tempranillo as a base, as well as Garnacha. Tempranillo is known for its structure, tannins and intense aroma, although it is noticeably more fruity than, for example, Cabernet Sauvignon. In general, there are notes of cherry, plum, dill.

In our portfolio you will find several different Rioja wines, starting with Joven (a young wine), Crianza (which is usually aged for two years – at least one year in oak) and Reserva (which is aged the longest – at least two years in oak and 3 years in bottle – and is the best expression of our winemakers.

Our DO Ribera del Duero Vineyards

Located on the great plateau of the northern Iberian Peninsula, DO Ribera del Duero lies on thick, smooth bedrock and is partially covered by Tertiary sediments. Vineyards are located on a hillside in an ideal north-south position and are reserved exclusively for the Tinta Fina variety. Sustainable farming practices in this vineyard ensure maximum respect for nature, allowing the soil itself to nourish the vines.

The characteristic climate of Ribera del Duero has a great impact on grape cultivation, playing a fundamental role in vine development and bunches ripening, being a determining factor in wine quality. The rainfall in this area is medium-low (about 450 mm of precipitation per year).

Dry, hot summers, reaching temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, contrast to the cold long winters with night frosts with temperatures below zero. During the ripening season, there are thermal fluctuations that favour the ripening of grapes on the vine, giving them colour and contributing to the accumulation of sugars and tannins.

Tempranillo, which is found in our portfolio, also known as Tinta del País or Tinto Fino, is the main grape of the area and is planted in 85% of the vineyards. It has an intense aroma, tastes delicate and elegant, which is the result of an extreme climate with fall and even spring frosts and long, harsh winters.

DO Rueda Vineyards

The vineyards we work with are located at an average altitude of 750 meters above sea level in the northern part of Rueda D.O. Long, cold winters with large temperature differences between day and night prevail here. This gives the grapes perfect health and ripeness. Very hot summers prevail in this area and poor and gravelly soil prevails.

The main work done in the Rueda D.O vineyards begins with winter pruning, followed by green pruning (removal of the vegetative part of the plant to achieve fewer bunches and better quality). In the same way there is a constant oxygenation of the soil with the help of agricultural machinery and daily control.

The work in the field ends with the expected harvesting of grapes at the optimum time of their ripening. Our Verdejo and Tempranillo varieties grown here testify to the diversity and potential of the region. Reflecting some exceptional terroirs, their unique richness and character create wines full of personality and with an identity all their own.

All of Banisio’s wines are made by combining the most traditional working and winemaking methods learned by vineyard artisans over generations with the latest technology. By working in our vineyards, we ensure our longevity while preserving the sustainability of our natural heritage.

The Banisio brand’s fundamental values are emphasized in our daily actions to take into account social, economic and environmental issues. In this way, not only is a special nuance given to the wine, but also special Banisio wines are born, different in their very essence.

Welcome to the Banisio family: the DOCa Rioja, DO Ribera del Duero, DO Rueda families!