With a great orientation to the wine sector and wine export, we were born with the conviction that with Banisio people will not only see how fine wines are born and what is the best expression of their terroir but feel the aromatic story that each one of them has to tell us.

Banisio is a real look at quality delivered at the right price. That is our inspiration and the main goal — to find the high-quality aliments and the best products of Spain and offer them to the market at a very competitive price.

We Breathe The Wine

Banisio and ExtraFood Spain (comes from Extraordinary-Food) was established by Sergey Sablin and Victor Vasyutin so that people over the world could enjoy the best Spanish wines, fall in love with the rich wine culture of the country, and thrill with its food.

For years we have toured Spain, exploring its vineyards, examining grape varieties, discovering its strains, and tasting in its wineries. Now we bring to the world the expression and taste of this incredible country from the three most recognized and prestigious wine regions in Spain: D.O.Ca. Rioja and D.O. Ribera del Duero for reds; D.O. Rueda for whites. So we managed to choose the most emblematic areas of the country to create unique, versatile, and delicious wines full of character and freshness.

Years Of Experience

Banisio is a team of wine enthusiasts that works hard to provide you with a unique product at the best possible prices so that anyone can enjoy fine wines and feel the most experience of wine. Let’s become closer and find out more about our team of experts and wine connoisseurs.


Sergio has 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry in different sectors and management positions. In Banisio, he assumes the project start-up and further project coordination according to the agreed strategies.


Pedro has 18 years of experience in the Wine Industry as a Commercial Director and Export Manager in different and prestigious Wineries in Spain. Being a part of the Banisio team, he:

— Creates a commercial network, including importers and distributors.
— Coordinates all the sales channels.
— Establishes price policy and builds a marketing plan.


Technical Director and Enologist with 40 years in the wine industry. The main Manuel’s duties in Banisio are:

— Monitoring and controlling of the whole quality process of the product so that all the wines meet the agreed quality standards.
— Supervising the winemakers and all the manufacturing processes.


Financial Director and Back Office Manager. He has more than 20 years of experience in Exports, Commodities, and Finance.

Banisio Team of Professionals

With his experience of more than 40 years tasting wines, personal connoisseur of all the wine regions of Spain, and founder of Peñín Guide, José Peñín is the most important and influential wine journalist on the Spanish wine scene. And we are proud to work in collaboration with this extraordinary person.

He has made a meticulous selection of those wines that respond to the quality and identity of the area with the best possible price, affordable to the largest number of consumers who can appreciate it. José Peñín has put his experience and knowledge at the service of the Banisio project, for which we are very grateful.

Selected by José Peñín

Discover Our Wines

Our assortment of wines includes all the spectrum of fine wines, red wines, and white wines to suit any special occasion and event you plan. 

Banisio is proud to provide our clients all over the globe with the best purchase option among thousands of wines from the most popular and prestigious Denominations in Spain.

D.O.Ca. Rioja Banisio Spanish Wine Export

D.O.Ca. Rioja

Located in the North of Spain, It is the oldest Denomination of Origin in Spain, dating from 1925 as the Regulatory Council.

D.O. Ribera del Duero Banisio Spanish Wine Export

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Located in the Northwest of Spain, on the slopes of the Duero River, passes through Burgos, Soria and Valladolid.

D.O. Rueda Banisio Spanish Wine Export

D.O. Rueda

Located in the Region of Castilla y León, it covers the provinces of Valladolid, Segovia and Ávila, constituted for white wines.