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Calories in a bottle or cup of Rioja

Calories in a bottle or a cup of Rioja

Finding out the number of calories with most drinks is straightforward: turn the bottle and look at the nutrition information label. This is not the case with wine or other alcoholic beverages, which are not required to provide calorie information.

How do you know how many calories are in a glass of Rioja wine you had at dinner? It can be a tricky task. In addition, the caloric value of wine varies depending on the type of grapes, how long the wine has been fermenting and how much sugar has been added to the product. This article will show you how to calculate the calories in a bottle and glass of Rioja wine.

What determines the caloric value of Rioja wine?

Many factors determine the calories in wine:

  1. The number of calories in wine depends on the alcohol and sugar content. As a rule, the higher the alcohol content, the more calories there are. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, compared to carbohydrates and protein, with only 4 calories per gram. If a wine is low in alcohol but high in calories, it is probably a sweet wine with a high sugar content. The alcohol content is usually listed as ABV (alcohol by volume) on the wine label. Choose wines with an ABV below 11% to reduce calories.
  2. Next, the sugar content plays an important role. Sugar dissolves in the liquid, making it denser. Sweet wines tend to contain more calories than their drier counterparts. Finally, density affects the caloric content of wine. The thicker the wine, the more calories it contains. Therefore, wines with a high alcohol content, such as Zinfandel or fortified wines such as Sherry, tend to have more calories.


How do I calculate the calories in Rioja wine?

1st way

You can use a simple formula to help you determine the number of calories in a glass of wine. An ounce of wine usually contains between 24 and 25 calories. Multiply the number of ounces you drink by 24-25 to calculate the calories in wine.

A bottle of red or white wine has a volume of 750 millilitres, so half a bottle of wine is 375 millilitres or about 12 ounces. In other words, a standard wine glass is 5 ounces. So, half a bottle of wine is a little more than two glasses of wine.

A box of wine usually contains 5 litres of wine or 34 five-ounce glasses of wine. Therefore, the total number of calories in a box of wine would be approximately 4,100 calories (the number of calories depends on the type of wine).


2nd way

A 5 oz glass of wine usually contains 109-130 calories. So, a wine with 10% alcohol by volume (ABV) will have about 120 calories per 5 ounces (150 ml) glass. However, most adults usually consume at least 10 ounces of wine at a time, so double that figure. To find out how many calories 5 ounces of wine contains, take the percentage of alcohol and multiply it by 12.


The caloric value of Rioja wines

The number of calories in half a bottle of wine depends on the type – red or white – and the type of wine, as well as other factors. The lowest-calorie wines are usually dry whites. Next on the list are rosé wines, followed by dry reds. Dry, semi-sweet, sweet and fortified wines have the most calories due to their sugar and/or alcohol content.

Below is a ranking of wines from lowest to highest:

– A non-alcoholic wine has the lowest calorie count at just 9 calories per glass.

– A light wine with 6.5% ABV has 73 calories per glass.

– After that, most wines contain 109-120 calories in a 5 oz glass or 220-240 calories in a 10 oz serving.

– Sweet dessert wines tend to have a higher alcohol and sugar content and can contain up to 236 calories in a single 5 oz glass. That’s 12% of the total number of calories you should consume in a day!


Rioja (Tempranillo)

Rioja is a dry and fruity red wine from the region of the same name in Spain.

With its high tannin content, Rioja has a deep and bold flavour and rich aroma. With hints of cherry and dark fruit, Rioja has an aromatic flavour and contains about 3.5 grams of carbohydrates per serving (16).

Calories: 119 kcal Carbohydrates: 3.4 grams


Rioja Reserva

mlSugar (grams)Protein (grams)Fat (grams)Fibre (grams)Carbohydrates (grams)Kcal