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Red grape juice

Red grape juice

The must is the natural juice of the squeezed grapes before fermentation. This juice is extracted during the first steps of winemaking, which is key to determine the quality of the final product, with which great wines can be consumed by anyone, regardless of age.


In the area of Catilla- La Mancha, which is located on the Iberian Peninsula, it is the largest vineyard in the world. In this large wine- growing area, varietal wines, sangrias and musts are produced. Other non-native grape varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, syrah, merlot, chardonnay, etc. Have excellent results due to the climatic and soil conditions of this region.


    Selection of red grapes.


    Natural juice of red grapes.




    Serve chilled or with ice cubes.

  • Tasting Notes

    Deep garnet color and sweet aromas from the pressing of fresh grapes. Very pleasant, refreshing and balanced flavors.

  • Pairing

    Adding a glass of juice to breakfast is a great way to start the day full of energy. It goes well with tapas, snacks and desserts.

  • Technical Information

    The grapes are lightly pressed in an air press to obtain the juice from the yolk, resulting in a top quality natural juice. The must is bottled with the utmost care in terms of hygiene and safety, keeping its color, aroma and flavor qualities intact.

  • Logistical Information

    • – Boxes of 6 bottles.
    • – Weigh of box of 6 bottles, 9 Kg.
    • – Pallet of 80 cases of 6 bottles.
    • – Truck up to 28 pallets.