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Rueda Wine White – Banisio Verdejo

What attracted us to the legendary white grapes of Rueda was their intense aroma, along with their delightfully savoury palate. From this region deep in Spain, we have chosen fresh, lively and bright wines. Made to be enjoyed in good company.

100% Verdejo

100% Verdejo

In bottle.

In bottle.

Minimum order — 1 box (6 bottles of wine)
1 box (6 bottles)
Rueda Wine White – Banisio Verdejo
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Technical sheet
  • Brand:


  • Type:


  • Year:


  • Variety:

    100% Verdejo

  • Region:


  • Alcohol:


  • Appearance:

    Clean, bright, lively. Straw-yellow with golden iridescence.

  • Nose:

    Fine aromas of fresh tropical fruits (pineapple, passion fruit). With anis and green apple in the background.

  • Mouth:

    Good attack with a smooth, persistent finish. A structured body. The mid-palate is pleasant, refreshing and broad. With notable citrus fruits and tang in the finish. Good alcohol-acidity balance, with medium-long persistence that lingers over time.

  • Operating temperature:

    Serve at 7-10º C (44.6-50º F).

  • Food pairing:

    Appetizers, fish and rice.

Vineyard & Winemaking
  • Winemaking:

    Made with perfectly ripe grapes from vineyards planted in gravely soil. Fermented at 14º C (57º F) for 22 days.

  • Ageing:

    In bottle.

  • Climate:

    The difference in temperatures between day and night are the secret of its flavor, the sugar gained with the sun is compensated by the acidity not lost in the cool nights. The vines withstand a sun exposure of up to 2,600 hours per year, an amount that would be excessive if it were not for the late ripening of the grapes. Considering the latitude, the D.O. Rueda would be located in the Mediterranean arc but due to its altitude between 700 and 800 m, and the rains rarely reach 500 liters per year, it is considered of Continental influence.

  • Soil:

    Brown soils, rich in calcium and magnesium, easy to work and stony with good aeration and drainage and limestone outcrops at the highest levels. Permeable and healthy, its texture varies from sandy-silty. The pH. of its lands oscillates between 7 and 8. This geological substrate has evolved on the surface towards brown soils on stony allochthonous deposits, giving rise to the typical “gravelly” soils brown soils on stony allochthonous deposits, and with good drainage.

  • Description:

    Significant daily temperature variations and long frigid winters with intense frosts instill the grapes with boast-worthy health and sugar content. The vineyards crown the upper parts of the northern reaches of the D.O. Rueda: this is the epicenter of D.O Rueda, just a few kilometers from the city of Valladolid.